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Serving Clients Since 1993

We are a general practice law firm that focuses on family, criminal, and personal injury matters. Founded in 1984, the firm was originally a branch office of a major national law firm. In 1993, it became The Law Office of Scott B. Chamberlain, P.C., serving the greater Danbury, Connecticut community, and Northern Fairfield County since. Whether you need legal help with a difficult divorce or a simple traffic ticket, The Chamberlain Law Firm stands ready to help. We pride ourselves on a client-centered approach to law and strive to achieve excellence in communication with our clients. Office visits can generally be accommodated on short notice, and we are on call for your convenience twenty-four hours a day.

Looking for a lawyer? You knew your lawyer. Your lawyer was someone in days gone by when legal problems came up, you didn't have to go who served your family for years, who had worked for your parents, perhaps even your grandparents. At The Chamberlain Law Firm, if you need a will, or if your daughter got her first ticket, our office is there for you, right down the street, where the door is always open. We don't charge for office consultations, because when our friends in the community have a problem, we want them to feel free to drop in.

From real estate closings to small claims court, The Chamberlain Law Firm stands ready to help you out. Rates are reasonable many routine matters are priced as fixed fees, so you know what you'll be spending upfront. The next time you need counsel, call The Chamberlain Law Firm, where you've got a family lawyer.