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Man with hands behind back in handcuffsOne day, the unthinkable happens- you or a loved one is charged with a crime. Panic starts to set in.

What do I do? You need sound legal advice, and you need it NOW. That's why we're on call twenty fours hours a day. And why, when you call our office, you will NEVER get an answering machine. Midday, or midnight, in minutes, you'll have a real person on the phone

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But availability is nothing without experience. Scott Chamberlain has been practicing criminal law for twenty-three years. He has handled every type of criminal case, from shoplifting to capital murder. Some lawyers get by never trying cases. Not Scott Chamberlain. He will be your advocate, going nose to nose with the prosecutor.

Day or night, small case or large, Scott Chamberlain stands ready to protect your rights in court.