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Facing divorce can be one of life's most frightening experiences. Everything in your life- home, job, kids money are affected. You need answers-fast. But more importantly, you need the right answers, answers that can get you custody can keep you in your home, and that can get you alimony and child support.

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Close up of a man and woman's hand over a documentAt The Chamberlain Law Firm, we have over twenty years of experience in the practice of family law. Whatever the challenges you face- whether it's an interstate divorce, a father custody case, or a complicated interstate jurisdictional battle, we've handled it successfully. Your divorce is no time for a rookie's on the job training. You need effective, experienced counsel- the kind you'll get at The Chamberlain Law Firm.

Our office prides itself on being a client-focused practice. Phone calls are returned within 24 hours. You can generally get a same-day appointment. You'll work with the same attorney, and the same paralegal week in and week out. Yet this level of service will cost you no more than other law firms. Go with the experience and client service you deserve.